Story Subtitles

Story Subtitles

banking transaction - number mixup -over

Hello this story is about how sequencing, specifically with numbers can be challenging for me and

banking transaction online is one of the instances that happens quite often.

So let's go ahead. This is a story of me doing online shopping, so let's get in the journey of how it feels like to do online shopping

for me. Online shopping is supposed to be a lot of fun. You can look at like. The fun brands and stuff like

that, buying clothes. This looks like a fun website, clearly. And selecting the items is amazing. Retail

therapy, discovering new things for me but. The actual madness kind of begins. Is when uh I have to do

the payment and all the selection is done. And that's where the payment page kind of come up. And this

is how it looks usually like there is the account name holder the the details. And expiry CVV all that

information. This is. Quite a difficult task. Now, Can you imagine that you have to like write all of this in

the correct order so that? Kinda doesn't mess up things. I have to do that constantly. I have to pay

attention at each in each fill in the blank. All the information that I'm filling in, double checking

everything. Reading it out loud, sometimes I do like air air writing for the numbers to double, double

check if it's the right sequence that I've written them in, and it's on my card. It is. It is quite difficult.

Finally, when I have done all of that and we reached that stage of this where you have to just put your

OTP like one time password that's generated on my phone and I have to make sure that again numbers

sequence happening that I put the right sequence of these numbers so that they do not.


End up being an error and if when I do that they said OK, now you have two chances your cards are

going to get blocked. Oh, that's crazy. So I need to be very careful when I'm doing that. It's crazy. It's

crazy stressful. Makes me feel very anxious. As well, but when I'm actually done with it, I keep thinking

that this is insane, that I'm unable to do such simple things and simple tasks quite embarrassed and

frustrated with myself. And but. I don't feel like this all the time. Some days are crazy for sure, but now

I've started to accept how I feel. And embrace it a little bit. Acceptance help. I feel less worried, but it's

OK to make mistakes. It's fine. And now, like we have Apple Pay, Google Pay, where I just have to input

my user IDs and stuff like that, which is much easier. I don't have to go through the whole process of

inputting everything. But you can't use that always. Uh, yeah, it is getting better, knowing more about it

feels better, but there are such some days are good and some days are bad. So this is how it feels like to

do shopping with me. Let's move to next page for emotions.