Story Subtitles

Story Subtitles

happens at home with parents-guilt

This incident has happened multiple times and I've also realized why this happens with me.

Is that I tend to have a forgetful memory and that becomes a problem in my personal life or

daily life with my parents, my partner and just very close family members. So this is one of

the incidents that I'm talking about. When a task is assigned to me. For me to do something

and I how I go about. Doing that task and what happens? So let's see what happens. It's

one of the days my dad just says me that hey, can you book my tickets? I'm traveling. And

these are dates of my travel and my locations. So I was like, yeah, sure, I'll do that for you.

No problem. I have time today and he's gone for his office. I have spent my whole day.

Doing my own thing, doing my work, sleeping, relaxing, watching TV or. A movie, something

that too. Past my day, and it's probably one of my holiday days and have completely

forgotten about the task, which is not the best thing and my dad comes back from work in

the evening getting an update. Hey, what happened? I didn't get your ticket and I was like,

I'm sorry. I completely have forgotten about it. I'm so sorry and I feel really bad and

shameful that has happened and I immediately finished the task and like, oh ****, let me

just do it right now. I'll do it immediately and he gets uh, what's wrong with you will be why?

Why are you doing this? And he gets really furious and angry. And I was like, I'm sorry. I'm

really sorry. And I can totally understand why he gets angry and it's justifiable. It comes

across that I'm quite kind of irresponsible and incompetent of doing things by myself. And I

feel very guilty. As well that I don't remember task because I did not write them down or did

not register them enough in my brain. And sometimes there have been issues where I

completely forget bigger problems or like bigger things that have been assigned to me and I

don't do them. So it kind of affects my relationship with my parents and other close people

at home and my partner. So I kind of come across very stupid also in such situations as

well, so I can't help myself to avoid being less forgetful, but I'm trying to like make note of

things so that I don't forget about them and I make sure I do all of it and not disappoint

anybody and also not feel. Stupid or incompetent myself. So yeah, that's me trying out

things that I can't do, but yeah. Let’s move to next page for emotion.