Story Subtitles

Story Subtitles

linear thinking and step by step Self doubt

This story talks about. A thinking pattern that I have discovered for myself. I slowly started

to understand that thinking in a linear fashion or step by step doesn't work for me. It's quite

difficult if there's a task that involves to do things in a linear fashion or think about it in a

linear fashion. Tends to be quite challenging and this specific story that I'm going to talk

about is post my diagnosis, but I think I hadn't understood this part of it entirely myself. So

let's start the story this story. Involves just me and one of my colleagues that I was working

with at the. Time. So I had to actually do a task at work and this task I probably have done

multiple times as well, but started a new job so it was different in a different company. So I

kind of knew what how it needs to be done and I have the whole format for it. I had to write

like a research proposal. And then I did that workout of, like, figuring out what needs to be

written and those kinds of things. But while doing the exercise, I remember very specifically

that I was jumping between multiple sections and filling in information between multiple

sections, and I was unable to complete one section. Entirely my my brain was moving back

and forth constantly between different sections and I was able to fill in a lot of macros in

most of the sections and some micros in certain sections, but I wasn't able to entirely

scope it out as well so. I invite another colleague to like have a look at my work and she

was really helpful and amazing. She didn't mention that. Hey, we'll be like there are a

couple of things here that I'm missing. Can you add these layers to it and then it should be

good to go. So I was like, OK. Great. I'll do that and I will make those changes and flush out

all the information that needs to be done. I've finished that task and got done with it. But

later I realized that uh. The. Uh. The format of thinking in that linear fashion probably wasn't

the best for me. I work better when things are not written in that pattern, so I started to like

think about instances where I use different ways of thinking. And I realized I absolutely love

mind maps or flow charts because they are more flexible in the way they are written. And I

perform better if I have like done my that way of thinking and figuring out how things need

to be and like able to like write information more in depth and cover all the macros and

micros more properly or like better layered. I would say, and I realized that doing that

exercise helps. So I kind of. Slowly moved personally now have moved into just making a

lot of mind maps before I do like a task that I know I need more help from and like those

kinds of things so. This is one thing that I've realized and I feel quite overwhelmed. Also,

when I'm doing the task which I'm not comfortable doing or doesn't come naturally to me,

so I get annoyed that why can't I do this at a go and why do I need another person to like

look at it and then like let me finish? And a lot of self doubt and mind capabilities. But with

this realization that yes, adopting another format of thinking or like doing the work like mind

maps could be another way to go about it. And now that I do that quite often. So I realized

that OK, this is the way I should do this and this only helps me. So that's been my approach

recently when I actually retrospect it and reflected of what worked and what did not work.

So. This is a great exercise for others too.

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