Story Subtitles

Story Subtitles

reading hoarding in car-guilty

This is a story from my childhood and it it's a personal story. It has happened multiple

times as well, sometimes ends up really nicely and sometimes not so nicely. So this is the

story when we used to go for like a long trip, drive down to different places with my parents.

Or either work or like holiday and different things. So let's see what happens when we are

on that drive and what conversations we have between my parents and my siblings and all

of that. So we were used to go for, like, these trips. My mom used to make have some

educational games, which were a lot of fun. And trust me, these trips were. A lot of. Great

memories and still have them, but there are certain things that still stick around with me,

which was not great, and we still like sing, have fun. But sometimes we played a lot of

games and one of the games was that my mother would ask us to, like, read hoardings and

help us to, like, get accustomed to new words and read stuff. And those kinds of things.

That was her intention to keep it light. But there were moments where I would be able to

read. Everything very. Nicely and it would be like, wow, amazing achievement. I was able to

do it at one goal. Great, but sometimes it it would get very difficult. I would not be able to

read it. I would feel so much pressure in that moment and started and slowly, slowly

starting to feel. Shameful and stupid at the same time. And. I can't read it. I'm finding it

really hard. I would see my younger sibling read it easily and I am still struggling to like form

words and read it. I could not join sounds to form of the letters to form a word and new

words were very difficult to read. I read it very awkwardly. Like read it wrongly and hated

being on the spot at that moment. I know my mother's intention was to have a quick, nice

game, but it soon became nightmarish in between. Me. I felt quite embarrassed and

annoyed in my capabilities that why I can't read and what's the problem? Feeling quite

shameful. Guilty all of that feeling starting to creep in in that moment or following. That

moment and slowly, slowly, I started to come in terms with me myself. That OK? I

understand why that was happening after I discovered about dyslexia. This was all pre

diagnosis, so as an adult I stopped feeling guilty or shameful or stupid now, but there are

moments still I'm unable to read new words because unable to. That he did because of not

being able to join the sounds but stopped feeling pathetic and incapable. That's something

that I have. So yeah, that that's an improvement.

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