Story Subtitles

Story Subtitles

SEC mix up of words and abbrevation Overwhelmed

This incident happened after my diagnosis, but this specific thing that I struggle with is that

I tend to mix up similar sounding words while I'm writing them down, and it happens a lot

actually, and this is 1 incident that I talked about which happened. After my diagnosis and

it happened in a workplace situation, it is high impact. So overall it's quite overwhelming

whenever it happens and specifically in this context. This was let's get started what

happens. So this was the like time that we were doing group discussions and work and I

was presenting aspects of it and. All of us are sitting down, having conversation and

figuring out strategies at work, and there were like a lot of information that all of us had

collected from different tasks that was assigned to us. And then we kind of got on to the

White Board and started, like, putting everything down from different aspects and

everybody was writing down their things in Post-its, in graphs. And all of that was. Being

assembled and I wrote I was doing my own thing as well and. And others were reading.

When we started reading each other's things and somebody pointed out, was like, who

wrote this? And do you really mean unable? And I was like, I wrote that. I'm like, do you

mean unable or enable? So I was like, I mean enable. So I'm like, oops, I'm sorry. And I felt

very embarrassed. That was. At that moment, and I was, I'm so sorry. Made that mistake

and then this happens a lot while writing. I can't help it, but it does. And I feel very

embarrassed and this confusion occurs and there's this how my brain is wired. And make

by making such small mistakes might come off that I'm unable to like do like big task but I

I'm very good at executing big things or like big tasks but just it impacts my performance in

front of others at work and which kind of can be Entirely overwhelming. Yeah, knowing that

why is this happening does help so that I don't get angry at myself and not push myself

down, but. I find myself quite helpless in moments when it happens and I don't know how

to, like, deal with it immediately. Yes, I calm myself down and things go back to normal. I

try to be more careful than I can be, but there are moments I can't help myself when it just

happens and that's not my fault. It also affects on the kind of space you are in and the

people around you of how. For giving there, I technically had a decent team. They were

decently forgiving, but not always. I got that kind of advantage, so I think it's a mix of both of

what's the surrounding and how you think about yourself helps you cope. So I think. I just

convinced myself so that I don't feel really down about my own capabilities. Lets move to

the next page for emotions.